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Water softener for washing machines.
4 in 1 protection for your washing machine & your clothes, from damage caused by limescale.

Eureka Anti-Kalk powder

Τhe new Eureka Anti-Kalk 4 in 1 powder effectively protects your washing machine, as well as your favorite clothes from the negative effects of hard water! One dose of Eureka Anti-Kalk powder 4 in 1 in every wash protects from salts which accumulate during washing cycle, maximizing the performance of the washing machine and achieving energy consumption reduction. Fights against odors and dirt by removing salts and residues, protecting thus from the sources of bad odor. Protects the heating element, the drum and the pipes of the washing machine, helping it remain as good as new. Eureka Anti-Kalk 4 in 1 powder protects fabric fibers from becoming stiff and dull, helping them to stay soft. Furthermore, the special ingredient dye-transfer inhibitor protects fabrics from color transfer, thus prolonging the lifetime of your garment.
Now available in a one-dose sachet for a more convenient and practical solution.

Packaging: 54g (one dose sachet) & box 950g