March 2019

With 2x action, by the side of vulnerable social groups

Eureka honours the trust shown by consumers in the Greek market for the last 60 years, not only through the innovation and quality of its products but also by helping out those in need. During the period January – February 2019 free products were distributed to social groceries as well as to the voluntary organisation “Kid & Family”.

As part of helping our fellow human beings facing social and financial problems, Eureka donated 2,500 boxes of laundry-care products and insect repellents to social groceries in Greece as well as to the voluntary organisation “Kid & Family”, which continues to help the families of fire victims from the areas of Mati and N. Voutzas but also those who were victims of the floods in Mantoudi.

Eureka continues at every opportunity to be close to those who need help, aiming to protect their quality of life and at the same time improve their daily lives.


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