How many times have you felt that you want more free time in your daily life?

How often does it feel that time is not enough for everything you want to do?

How often have you wished the time you spend on chores and obligations could be reduced to a minimum?

EUREKA is here, aiming to win you back some of your precious time with its two new wash additives EUREKA QUICK WHITE & EUREKA QUICK COLOR. These products aim to offer you specialized solutions inseparably linked to the modern way of life. Launched by the No. 1 brand in wash additives in Greece and Cyprus the two new products are ideal for any wash program including the short washing cycle.

The whitener powder EUREKA QUICK WHITE thanks to the advanced PWA technology, enhances whiteness and brightness especially on yellowed fabrics offering a visible difference even from the first wash. It cleans even the most difficult greasy stains and fights against fabric pilling and yellowing giving you the most brilliant whites. Available in a package of 4 sachets (4x50gr), EUREKA QUICK WHITE has already since its launch, started gaining the trust of consumers who are looking for clothes that become very white, very clean, very quickly.

The EUREKA QUICK COLOR stain-removing powder with the enhanced enzyme system ‘Superior Enzyme Complex’ removes all the tough and greasy stains from colored clothes, fast, from the 1st wash, while at the same time, it takes care of the fibers of cotton clothes and enhances their colors. It is available in a 400g vase, offering a solution for difficult stains even in the short washing program.

With the new products EUREKA QUICK WHITE & EUREKA QUICK COLOR, the time you will need to get clean bright whites and vibrant colored clothes, without stains, will be shorter than ever. The new campaign of Eureka for the washing products Eureka QUICK WHITE and Eureka QUICK COLOR with the message “No washing without Eureka” is already on air.

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