Eureka relaunches BebeLita baby water in June 2020 to revive the brand.

As part of the relaunch, BebeLita provides a better quality bottle BPA free, with a practical and stable grip.

The relaunch is supported by an online Campaign which run in July in the Cyprus market for one month using Facebook & Instagram posts and video, competition, google banners, blog article and YouTube ads.

The aim of the campaign is to inform ‘‘new mommies and mommies to be’’ that baby water has a significant impact in the health development of their baby and provide a better understanding why it’s important to choose the right water for their babies. Through the campaign BebeLita is looking to engage its target group to view, read and get informed about the key benefits of BebeLita baby water.

BebeLita meets the daily needs of your baby from the first day of their life!

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