Nowadays, beyond the need for effective products in the treatment of flying and crawling insects, consumers are increasingly concerned of effects of products on their health & wellbeing. Trends indicate that consumers are increasingly searching for products to use which are less harmful to their health, contain fewer chemicals that do not cause allergies and have an overall friendlier character. Research findings from the insecticide-repellent product category show that what consumers expect is for the products to have less harmful chemicals, more natural ingredients so that they are both effective and less harmful.

In 2020, the No. 1 brand in the category launched the new Aroxol Pure & Strong range, which came to meet exactly this need. The range includes products that do not lag behind other products in dealing with annoying visitors who are none other than insects, however, they do so, with 0% allergens & 0% fragrance.

The range includes the following products:

  • Aroxol Pure & Strong Spray for cockroaches & crawling insects
  • Aroxol Pure & Strong Liquid (set + refill) for indoor use against mosquitos
  • Aroxol Pure & Strong Mat for indoor use against mosquitos


While in 2021 it will enrich its portfolio with two new codes:

  • Aroxol Pure & Strong Spray insecticide for flying insects
  • Aroxol Pure & Strong Mec Ιnstant for crawling insects


Our Aroxol brand justifiably uses its ongoing slogan of ‘Aroxol – Always More!’ as it constantly seeks to meet the changing needs of consumers bringing innovations and expertise to the insecticides market.

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