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EUREKA Professional Whitening Powder

Whitening powder in professional packaging.

The professional solution of the Number 1 company for whiteners for the past 50 years in Greece. With special whitening action, very effective against hydrophilic stains (tea, red wine, fruit juices). Advanced chlorine-free formula, with special whitening agents, to enhance the detergent's action for even deeper cleaning. White clothing brightens up again after washing, a very important feature for professionals, since the white colour is a sign of cleanliness.

Packaging: bag 5kg

EUREKA Professional Washing Powder Active Care

Laundry powder detergent in professional packaging.

A complete laundry detergent for professional use. Suitable for all types of laundry, even for sensitives and colours. With more active and whitening agents that prevent the greying of whites. It contains more enzymes, so it cleans all types of stains, even the greasier ones.

Packaging: bag 10kg

EUREKA Professional Super Plus

Washing powder in professional packaging.

Complete powder detergent in professional packaging. Its advanced formula with whitening factors can fight the toughest stains without damaging your articles' texture. Suitable for all types of clothes.

Packaging: bag 15kg

EUREKA Professional Fabric Softener

Fabric softener in professional packaging.

For exquisite softness. Suitable for all types of laundry and garments. Its active substance binds to the garment fibres, offering elasticity, lubrication and antistatic properties. Pleasant "White Flowers" scent.

Packaging: container 5L

EUREKA Professional Dishwashing Liquid Regular

Dishwashing liquid in professional packaging.

Concentrated dishwashing liquid with vinegar in professional packaging. Its advanced composition fights grease, stains and odours, ensuring sparkling cleanliness and long lasting fragrance. Due to its concentrated composition, a small quantity of liquid is enough for a large quantity of dishes.

Packaging: container 5L & 10L

Eureka Professional Dishwashing Liquid Lemon Fresh

Dishwashing liquid in professional packaging.

Professional cleaning of utensils for washing by hand. The most economic, yet effective, solution by EUREKA for washing up dishes. Removes and dissolves grease and dried-up food. Produces a rich lather that rinses away easily, and does not leave traces. 15% active ingredients. Pleasant lemon scent.

Packaging: container 5L & 10L

EUREKA Professional Antimicrobial - Disinfectant Topine Plus

Liquid antimicrobial - disinfectant in professional packaging.

Antimicrobial - Disinfectant effective against germs. Very efficient disinfecting action for floors and surfaces, certified with EN 1276 (bactericidal activity testing standard), without the negative results of chlorine. Approved by the Greek National Organisation for Medicines (EOF). Used as is or diluted (if used undiluted, surfaces must be rinsed). Suitable for all spaces of the house, for walls, floors, sinks, tiles, hobs, kitchen counters, food counters, sanitary ware, etc. Low foaming. Pleasant herb and pine scent.

Packaging: container 5L

EUREKA Professional Thick & Aromatic Bleach

Thick bleach with aroma in professional packaging.

Thick active chlorine for bleaching, cleaning and scenting. Due to its thick texture, it remains longer on vertical surfaces for longer action. It bleaches thanks to active chlorine (3.3%). It cleans in depth thanks to its surfactant ingredients. It eliminates odours, has a pleasant lemon scent, which is the most common scent (60% of chlorine products). Suitable for all surfaces.

Packaging: container 5L

EUREKA Professional All Purpose Cleaner

All purpose liquid cleaner in professional packaging.

Floor and surface cleaner. Suitable for all surfaces. Leaves shining clean surfaces. Pleasant ocean scent.

Packaging: container 5L

EUREKA Professional Window Cleaner Antistatic

Window cleaner in professional packaging.

Glass cleaner for trace-free cleaning. Contains a small % of surfactants and a solvent for better removal of stains from surfaces. Contains a small % of an antistatic agent to deter dust. Shines. Leaves no traces. Quick drying. Pleasant scent.

Packaging: container 5L

EUREKA Professional Liquid Soap

Liquid soap in professional packaging.

Thick liquid hand soap. Strong scent, neutral pH and glycerine to protect the hands. A few drops are enough for a thick lather and effective cleaning. Suitable for daily household and professional use.

Available in 2 fragrances:
• Blue with sea breeze scent
• Pearl-white with bitter almond fragrance

Packaging: container 5L

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