Evlogia Jams

Handmade Jams from whole fruits.

Evlogia Jams are handmade jams from whole fruits, hand cut. No added sugars, sweeteners or preservatives. Their sweet taste is derived only from the fruit and the fruit juice. They are processed in a plant unit equipped with the latest technology production line. All raw materials are treated in mild heating conditions, in order to maintain the colour and taste of the fruit in the best possible condition.

Available in 8 flavours:
• Evlogia strawberry spread with biscuit flavouring
• Evlogia fig spread with walnut flavouring
• Evlogia jam strawberry
• Evlogia jam citrus fruit
• Evlogia jam cherry

• Evlogia jam peach
• Evlogia orange jam with ouzo spirit
• Evlogia cherry jam with mastic spirit

Packaging: 280gr

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