Social Contribution


Funding the “Fashion Targets Breast Cancer” campaign

This institution has come true thanks to our support and active participation, teaching women that breast cancer should be everyone's concern but more importantly that it should be dealt with optimism and determination. Being the main sponsor, Eureka Hellas was the first company to strongly support the campaign’s purpose, from the first 2 years of its implementation in our country, since July 2001.
Most of us wore the target breast cancer t-shirts, collecting an impressive amount of money from the sales, which are given to operators active in breast cancer information and prevention field.

  • The establishment and operation of the Hellenic Anti-Cancer Society’s “Breast Care Network” which has been officially established by inaugurating the Open Communication Line (210-6401200) as well as the breast self-examination classes.
  • The creation and operation of “The house of Target” Disease Prevention Centre and the friends Association of  “Saint Anargyroi" Anti-Cancer Hospital, located in Ano Patissia, where free mammograms and clinical audits are carried out by hospital physicians.

Enactment of October as the “Month of breast cancer prevention and awareness”

In collaboration with the Hellenic Anti-Cancer Society, October has been enacted as the “Month of breast cancer prevention and awareness” aiming the information and updating on the disease early diagnosis.

Symbolized by three ribbons united in a knot, representing the joint and massive effort, the October institution is an initiative with no expiration date, taking place each year and stressing that prevention is the most powerful “weapon” of the modern woman, in order for her to face the disease effectively. The campaign includes a comprehensive communications programme with actions taking place publicly, events management, informative material production and mobilization of selected opinion leaders, aiming that each woman clearly understands the message of prevention.

With the above-mentioned steps we managed to sensitize women, at a large extent, urging them to integrate preventive examination and mammogram in their lives.

Creation of a Mobile Mammography Unit

In 2006, we contributed in collaboration with the Greek Cancer Society, the realization of a great goal: the creation and operation of the Mobile Mammography Unit of the Hellenic Anti-Cancer Society. Eureka Group, from 2006 to 2011, raised substantial amounts of money through the sales of favorite Eureka Products, which has provided funding for the unit. The mobile mammography unit has already performed over 10.000 free mammograms across Greece, ensuring each Greek woman’s early detection of breast cancer, regardless of her place of residence or economic situation.

Eureka Group has already been honored four times by bodies of different fields, for having contributed to such an important social action, with:

  • 2003 and 2005: The First Award of Community Contribution Excellence of the Hellenic Advertisers Association, in the “Man” category.
  • 2004: The Social Responsibility Award of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI).
  • 2006: The EFFIE Award, in the “Socially Responsible Communication” category, for developing the initiative to create the mobile mammography unit.


Sponsorship of the young Cypriot tennis player Constantinos Ioannides

We reward the efforts to achieve goals in sports, by supporting as a sponsor, all tournaments abroad where young, upcoming tennis player Constantinos Ioannides takes participation, having so far enjoyed many successes both in Cyprus and abroad.

The Cyprus Youth Tennis Championship support

We supported the first American Academy Pancyprian Youth Tennis Championship -Ioannides Tennis School, which took place at Ioannides School premises in Limassol, from the 27th March to 10th April 2011, with 220 adolescents participating.

Newlywed Couples Support in Cyprus

A life strewn with flowers

Since 2010, we support newlywed couples, offering them Eureka products as a wedding gift. All we need is a copy of your marriage certificate to send you our warm wishes for your new life together along with our wedding gift.

In addition since 2016, every year, one lucky couple wins a second honeymoon worth €2,000!


Charities and foundations support in Cyprus

Eureka Group, offers an integrated social work through sponsorships, donations and funding of charity activities carried out by various organizations or associations such as Unicef, Europa Donna, Association of Cancer Patients and Friends, Red Cross Foundation, Agios Stephanos Institution, The Society for the Poor of Famagusta and Limassol, Dyslexia Association, Lions etc.