A Life Clean and Strewn with Flowers

Eureka Cyprus is giving GIFTS to newlyweds wishing them "A Life clean and Strewn with Flowers"
Thursday, January 1, 2015 to Thursday, December 31, 2015
For more information call free at 800 51061


For the 9th consecutive year, Eureka continues its social contribution, by giving newlywed couples a package of Eureka products valued €40 as a wedding gift, with their warmest wishes for a «Life clean and Strewn with Flowers»! Additionally, after a draw, one lucky couple will win a second honeymoon worth €2.000!!!

The newlywed campaign is ongoing and has gained people's interest and positive feedback, since, despite the difficult times, Eureka continues to support new couples who dream to have their own home, and in this way expressing gratitude for their longtime trust and dedication.

Therefore, all of you who were married or plan to get married in 2018, send us your wedding certificate along with your name and telephone number to fax: 25831015 (C/O Annita Pourgouri) or email us newlyweds@eureka.com.cy in order to claim your gift!

Don't waste time, just send us your details and you will come out as winners, because in this unique campaign, everyone is a winner!

Eureka has been, for many years, by the side of Cypriot consumers, having its name associated with many brands that have become synonymous with their category, such as Eureka bleaching powder and Eureka dishwashihng liquid, Aroxol, Roklin, TIK TAK and many more cherished products.


For more information call free at 800 51061.
Applies to all marriages in 2018 in Cyprus.
The certificates must be provided until 31/1/2019.
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